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Relevance longevity – Information corresponds to the corresponding category longevity, with the exception of the chapter “Professional communication”; however, it would be an easy upgrade. The book is quite dry, so I did not notice any cultural issues be remarkable. The book is very well written and contains no grammatical errors. The format of the book changes from time to time, probably due to the different authors involved, but it is not particularly noticeable and does not negatively affect the book….

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In chapter “13.2. Understanding the cultural context ”The authors provide a link to a YouTube video that details the differences between cultures between high and low context. You will find these courses clearer if you even have a little coding experience, although you do not have to be an experienced coder. When you register for a course, you get access to all specialization courses and receive a certificate upon completion..

There are no grammatical errors in the text that you would expect from a written textbook. This text is presented in different formats, which is likely to help solve interface issues with certain sections. Resume department and for example, cover letters may differ depending on the format. The organization is clear, comfortable and easy to navigate with headings and chapter numbers, as well as lowercase and section numbers..

Your e-certificate is added to the performance page – from there you can print or add your certificate hom to your LinkedIn profile. If you only want to read and view the course content, you can check the course for free.

The overall structure of the article makes sense, and I followed the process outlined in the overall structure of the book. It can also be adjusted quite easily if needed, so this is a plus. I appreciate that the passages are not too advanced or complex – the individual components form a coherent whole and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of the instructors. I feel that this is not a manual to read in order, but a set of modules that instructors can adapt.

His examples are not culture-specific – examples do not refer to specific groups at all, so diversity does not seem acceptable. question. However, there are some places, especially in the design chapter, where graphics are not displayed above the caption…

This text will be easily distributed in parts to students. I ask the teacher to assign a preferred version to the class.

In general, the content looks accurate, flawless and objective. In FIG. 13 Chapter 11.4 does not provide an example summary for the exercise. and read simply: “This is the text of the fake resume.” Content updated; however, it can be revised as technology evolves and changes..

For example, the SMS section may need to be updated next year to accommodate new SMS applications and conventions. The document contains several minor typos and notes from the previous editor and some remaining edit notes. In terms of bias, it seems that the entire text was written for a specific course. Although it is a generalization, it refers to specific purposes and contexts, sometimes without an example..

The sections differ from each other and can be read independently. Teachers can easily choose between sections without allocating the entire text. In general, the book is current and should remain so for a few years without it being necessary. One important consideration regarding Relevance is the thematic dominance of Oregon references. Although the regular reading of things related to the Northwest Pacific does not limit the readability of the text, this recurring theme makes the book more relevant to readers in this area than others….

Some links do not work, which can be frustrating, but it does not detract from the usefulness of the book as a whole. Comments why the Open Textbook Library contains a book with only one author instead of the seven indicated in the book itself.

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However, it becomes quite easy to navigate through the material in the text. The beginning of each chapter should probably be called “Overview” or something similar, perhaps with a brief description for clarity. The prose is clear and accessible to university readers, and unfamiliar concepts are defined by the authors of the textbook in the text, or through a link to another source…

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